There is no precise date when Reggae started, but what we do know is that it was some time around in the late 60’s while the Jamaican musician was experimenting the Rock Steady, they unconsciously created this new sound that is now called Reggae. Because in was unconsciously created in a studio by trials and error while working with the then Rock Steady, it is very unreasonable for any one person to take credit for the creation of this music, and that is why it is best to leave it as “A Jamaican music”. Since then the music as revolves, into various elements, like Dancehall, Cultural Reggae, Lovers Rock, Dud music and Roots Reggae.

Besides its unique sound, reggae music is frequently associated with the social and current events in its lyrics. The earliest reggae lyrics spoke mostly of peace and love, specifically from the Rastafarian community, even today the Rastafarians are still the main influences in Reggae, both locally and worldwide.